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Olympic Crash and Burn Survivor

Posted by allie on March 3, 2006

So, I am a Knitting Olympic dropout, but I guess I figured that would happen. I’ve been reading the Yarn Harlot’s blog where she’s been talking about having trouble with project monogamy, and I simply can’t do it. I have about 4 inches and then the top lace section before I finish Hush-Hush. But the Olympics made me a little sick of it, so I bought some BEAUTIFUL Plymouth Galway yarn and used the Random Stripe Generator to make myself a beautifully bright horizontally striped scarf. And I must say that it is coming along wonderfully.
I have a digital camera and I’ve been trying to teach myself all the ins and outs of posting photos of my WIPs on the blog, but I’m a busy person, so it’ll probably be another week or two before I get around to it.
Happy March to all. I just wanted to comment on the beginning of Lent. I have given up purchasing yarn and books. *gasp* I will try my best, but this is an even bigger challenge than giving up chocolate, which is what I did last year. I will keep my efforts posted. I need to vent to someone who understands a life without buying yarn. And by yarn, I mean no needles or any supplies!!
One way I will have to get around it though is for the Knit the Classics April Fool’s gift exchange, which I am very excited about. I will be making a small project for the recipient,Becky, but I will not disclose what it is. I will need to purchase some yarn and a book for that. But it doesn’t count if it’s not for me, right?
Another great thing about the beginning of a new month is the dishcloth KAL, I just love instant gratification. It’s really empowering. I also love shamrocks and everything!!
I hope I’ve done the past week of my life justice, it’s really just a hodge podge of thoughts and events.



One Response to “Olympic Crash and Burn Survivor”

  1. Carrie K said

    I gave up spending money, Allie, so I feel your pain. (I mean, other than for ongoing bills. I can just see telling PG&E that I’m not paying for electricity for the Lent season. Then I think I’d be without heat, lol).

    Clearly buying yarn for someone else doesn’t violate the Lenten sacrifice at all.

    Pictures! I figured it out and I’m terrible at new technology.

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