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Book Swap Info

Posted by allie on March 4, 2006

Book Swap Info:
1. What is your favorite type of yarn/fibers? Cotton and wool
2. Any yarns/fibers you absolutely hate? Not a big fan of acrylic and eyelash yarns
3. Any type that you would love to try but haven’t yet? Cashmere or silk
4. Any yarn allergies or sensitivities? No
5. Favorite colors? I love blues, greens, pinks, and peach: either very bright colors or pastels
6. Favorite type of thing to knit: socks, lace, fair isle etc.? I love to knit dishcloths, scarves, have yet to try socks, but have a feeling I will love it!
7. Any knitting tools you would love to have? Basically, I just need to get some more dbl ptd needles, I only have 4’s, 6’s, 9’s, and 10½’s
8. Favorite tools you already have? I really do not have tons of gadgets, but I don’t know if I have a favorite one
9. Favorite knitting designer? I love Rebecca magazine, so I guess I love any of their designers
10. Favorite knitting book? I love Handknit Holidays and Hollywood Knits Style, I tend to like the more modern and trendy fashions or very classic cardigans
11. Any knitting books you would like? I really want the Rebecca magazine Home edition
1. Favorite foods/flavors? Chocolate: especially with espresso beans
2. Foods/favors you dislike? Not a fan of spicy foods
3. Any food allergies? Not that I know of
4. Do you like tea or coffee? tea: fruity varieties, like raspberry, and coffee: chocolate varieties or traditional is excellent
1. Favorite genre? I can’t say that I have a favorite genre, I love books of all sorts
2. Favorite authors? Jeffrey Eugenides, Megan McCafferty, Richard Wright, too many to name, I seriously love ALL kinds of books
3. Top three favorite books? The Crimson Petal and the White- Michal Faber, The Virgin Suicides- Jeffrey Eugenides, Bridget Jones’ Diary- Helen Fielding
4. Anything you dislike to read? non-fiction
5. Do you like to listen to audiobooks? No
Cassette, cd or mp3 format? None
1. Other hobbies besides knitting? Reading, watching movies, cooking(sometimes), watching Friends and Sex and the City, speaking in French to get ready for my trip to France this summer!!!
2. Do you collect anything? Books and yarn, I guess
3. Favorite scent? Vanilla is the BEST
4. Any scent you dislike or are allergic to? Musk
5. Music that you like or dislike? I like all kinds of music except rap. I love relaxing music to knit with and soft rock, even sometimes I love classic rock, country, bluegrass, whatever… you really can’t go wrong with music


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