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Long time, no blog

Posted by allie on August 9, 2006

I’ve been spending my summer knitting, reading other knitters’ blogs, books, magazines, basically anything I can get my hands on.
During the summer, I cannot keep a schedule to save my life, but since school begins again on Friday, I knew I would be re-establishing my usual schedule.

Update on WIP’s:

The Somewhat Cowl

Bridgetown Belt Bag

This is the basic shape of the strap but I folded it over in order to take a picture.
Detail shot:

A Few FO’s:

Mom’s Birthday Present

I finished the blue cloth at the park today while watching Hunter climb on a log over the water:


I ordered SnB Crochet: The Happy Hooker and have begun to teach myself (yet again) how to crochet and the best news of all?!?!? I FINALLY GET IT!!
I made a little coaster (Sugar ‘n Cream)

and a flower pin (Plymouth Galway) both from Cozy Crochet.


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