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Posted by allie on January 20, 2007

I finally finished Chart 1 of Hidcote Shawl– I had an issue with the last row, because when I started Chart 2 I had one stitch too few. It’s all worked out now and I am very happy with the progress.

I frogged my Icarus and here is what I’ve done since. It’s not too much since I’ve been working mainly on Hidcote.

Wicked has been coming along nicely and is such a fun knit, I love watching it grow!! This is the first KAL on the Sexy Knitters Club that I’ve participated in. Hopefully, I’ll have time to finish it before the KAL’s over.

Still loving my Bejeweled and it just keeps growing. I’m nearly finished with my first skein and I bought another so that I can definitely make it the length that the pattern instructs.


One Response to “Progress”

  1. allie said

    Thank you so much! I’m really having fun with all of these projects!

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