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En Vacance

Posted by allie on July 7, 2007

I left yesterday for Missouri, to visit my mom’s family. We’ve been spending the day lounging by the pool with a various assortment of mixed drinks.
Me? I’ve been knitting. The Regal Silk Sweater to be exact. I have one more pattern repeat before I have to bind off for the front neckline!!
In the car yesterday, however, I spent my time finishing off a couple skeins of Cascade 220 on the Noni Adventure Bag. My aunt has a top-loading washer (we don’t) so I may have a few FO’s to show before long.
Anyway, I probably will not be able to post until Wednesday.
So keep on knitting, I know I will be. How else do you keep sane with family? Especially when you’ve been chosen to be the designated driver on a wine-tasting tour?


3 Responses to “En Vacance”

  1. kay autrey said

    Allie – am on vacation in Michigan, and more importantly, reunited with my knitting instructor! She and others agreed yesterday that Cascade felts slowly (and rather poorly) compared to other yarns. Just thought you might like to know before felting. Have a great vacation. Kay A.

  2. Susan said

    Family vacation and you got stuck being the designated driver….on a wine-tasting tour!!!!!!

    ** You, my friend, are a Saint **

    ( A Saind that will most probably come home with a brand new wardrobe ~ entirely hand-knit!)

  3. Christina said

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