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A Trip to the Beach

Posted by allie on July 27, 2007

I’ve been reading Harry Potter. Not the new one, however, I’m currently reading the 5th. I began the 1st on my trip to Missouri this month and should be onto the 7th by next week. I can’t wait! Additionally, I went to see the 5th movie yesterday and loved it, despite its differences from the book. I loved Luna’s sweaters: the purple crochet in the forest and the blue knit in the Dept of Mysteries. ( I will look for pics while I write this post)

Anyway, what I’ve been knitting this sunny week:


Cotton makes for an excellent beach knit. I’ve made quite a bit of progress. The plan is to have this done by August 15 for (beach) grandma’s birthday.

Adventure Bag

I know this is a hideous picture, but it’s almost done!! I bound it off last night, but I also put the stitch holders in the wrong place, so I’ll definitely have to fix it. Probably during the 12-hour car trip home tomorrow, while reading HP5! I can’t wait to finish this bag- I’m thinking bottomless pit for all of school’s must-haves.

Swatching for Sideways Socks

This is what I worked on during the HP5 movie, so the sideways socks should be cast on pretty soon. They’re going to replace the Cable Nets as my sock in progress since those were just too fiddly for me.

And now, some Friday eye candy:


4 Responses to “A Trip to the Beach”

  1. JulieFrick said

    I think yours may be the first cotton Clapotis I’ve ever seen! What do you think of it? I would assume you’d get less of a ‘wave’ in it, as cotton doesn’t necessarily hold its position like wool. I blocked my first one, and wish I hadn’t, because it lost its wave, but in cotton that might not matter!

  2. Emily said

    Oh I love your WIPs! The color of your Clapotis looks awesome against the blue of the ocean!

  3. diana said

    You gotta love beach knitting!

  4. Susan said

    Oooh Cotton Clapotis!!!!
    Now that sounds right up my alley. (no pun intended)
    I am in awe that you knit in a dark movie theater…You have “mad” skills!

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