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Cable Footies Finished

Posted by allie on March 15, 2007

I went to the SouthEastern Theatre Conference this past weekend. And it was a blast!! I took some knits with me to wear: Le Slouch, Bejeweled, and the Bridgetown Belt Bag. I wore them all and felt oh-so-crafty when I could remark that I did, indeed, “knit it myself.”

The weekend was also filled with lots of knitting time. I cast on the One Skein Cable Footies before I left and finished them this evening. I always finish projects in the evening when it’s hard to take a decent picture, but I don’t possess the patience to wait until tomorrow to take a picture.

This is the actual color and all that remained of the two skeins (I included a pad of Post-Its for scale).

Pattern: Cable Footies from One Skein
Cast-On: March 6, 2007 / Finished: March 14, 2007
Yarn: Mission Falls 1824 Wool- 2 skeins, color 23
Needles: Clover Takumi 4.5 mm (US 7) dpns… the reason I used 7’s instead of 8’s wasn’t that I checked my gauge, but because I didn’t double-check the pattens spec’s. But they still fit!!
Size: Small (Women’s 7 1/2 to 8 1/2)
Modifications: None that I can think of besides the needle size.
Recipient: Hunter’s mother… hoping that some knitty goodness can change her heart toward me.

Quick, small projects have been what I’ve been thriving on lately, but I’m not totally sure what my next small project will be. But whatever it is, I’ll keep you posted!


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Truckin’- A Post of Wicked Pictures

Posted by allie on February 15, 2007

It’s been a week/weekend of progress. Wicked is nearing the finish line– it will be my first completed sweater!! My excitement has kept me going round after round.

I marked the pocket placement with some new stitch markers, I had to make a special trip, but it was worth it.

The pocket is nearly finished in this picture. I cast it on this morning…

And by 9 tonight it was a part of my sweater!!

I stil have 2/3 of the seed stitch border left, but that will take very little time, I was just getting a little burnt out (I’ve spend probably um… 5 hours on this sweater today).

In Other News (or some Bejeweled Eye Candy):

This is Maggie, Hunter’s dog. She’s so sweet and I love the contrast of my violet Bejeweled and her fluffy white fur!!

Hopefully, I will be onto the sleeves of Wicked or done with it next time I post. I will be out of town this weekend, so knitting will definitely be on the agenda!!

Happy Valentine’s Day to All!! I hope it was memorable, at the very least!

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Scarves, Socks, and Snow… Oh my!

Posted by allie on February 4, 2007

Two Finished Objects

I woke up this morning and began to knit with a vengeance. I finished Hunter’s blanket, finally!! Only 13 days late. Since he had a regional swim meet today, he took a nap with the blanket this afternoon. I will post a picture of him and the blanket together soon.

Cast-on: Summer 2005/ Finished: February 3, 2007
Yarn: JoAnn Sensations Rainbow Boucle (acrylic/nylon blend) I bought this yarn WAY before I became a fiber purist
Needles: US 10 Interchangable needles, Adii 40″ circular, and Susan Bates Quiksilver straight needles, I got so bored with this project that switching needles made it more bearable
Notes: I started this pattern when I was still a relatively novice knitter and it is SOOOO monotonous. I will NEVER make a garter stitch blanket again!!!

Once I finished the blanket, I decided to cast off my Bejewled and weave in all the ends. I wore it to work tonight, even though I haven’t blocked it yet. And every time I looked down, I DID feel a little fancy!

Cast-On: January 16, 2007/ Finished: February 3, 2007
Pattern: Bejeweled by Lisa Shobhana Mason
Yarn: Universal Yarn Inc Eden Silk (wool/silk blend) Color: Sky
Needles: Clover Takumi US 8
Modifications: I think my scarf is a little shorter than the pattern instructs, but only because I didn’t want to run out of yarn
Notes: I can’t wait to use this yarn again. It is a treat to work with and has great stitch definition. Definitely a favorite!

Project Spectrum

I took these pictures on Day 1 of PS and haven’t had a chance to post them yet. Thursday happened to be the only “Snow Day” we will be having here in east TN.
White and Gray:

I posted my yarn for the Cable net socks and began swatching a few days ago. I’ve been focused on Hunter’s blanket for the most part and haven’t done too much swatching yet.


The Yarn Haven just opened replacing my old LYS Knit n Purl. The selection is beautiful and the owner is SOOO sweet. If you’re ever in Knoxville, check it out!! I bought a couple skeins of yarn to make a beret next fall, because I don’t really have the time now and it’s almost warm again.

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